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Central HONEYWELL™ VISTA-48DT - G2//HONEYWELL™ VISTA-48DT Control Panel - G2

Ref.: VISTA-48DT

Control/comunicador 8-15 zonas ampliable a 48 cableadas y/o vía radio. 3 particiones (1 común). 48 códigos de usuario con niveles de autorización. Hasta 16 salidas de relé y 2 de trigger en placa. Hasta 32 calendarios. Registro 250 eventos.//The Vista 48 intruder panel offers an extensive feature set at a remarkable competitive price. This hybrid panel offers 64 zones in total of which 56 zones can be wireless. Arming/disarming can be performed wireless by keyfobs. For controlling external equipment the Vista 48 is equipped with 2 outputs. These can be extended with max. 16 programmable rely-outputs or a X10 transmitter that can drive up to 16 X10 modules. This panel even gives you the possibility to define your own zone functions. Last but not least we should mention that you will find 4 programmable keys on the keypads. Each can be individually programmed with a macro to e.g. switch on a lamp, open the garage door or arm the system while bypassing specific zones.

Central HONEYWELL™ VISTA-48DT - G2//HONEYWELL™ VISTA-48DT Control Panel - G2
Fabricación Bajo Pedido //Produced on Request

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